"Cirque De Strange is an incredible follow-up to the band's 2014 Circles EP. The tunes are progressive and well-written, keeping listeners hooked and on their toes every step of the way. Creative lyrics add some unique flavor to the tunes, but the primary genius behind them is definitely in the instrumental sections. The solos are crafted masterfully in order to build anticipation without giving too much away, almost like a first date. It seems that Ohio continues to pump out great jambands, as these Cincinnati natives make their mark and work their way onto the scene."

            -Appalachian Jamwich "Cirque de Strange Album Review"

"The five piece band is composed of two guitarists, a drummer, bassist, and keyboardist. They bring an incredible improvisation element to their live shows, including powerful instrumental jams and insane solos that display all the incredible talent that each band member has. Their sets often surf through a wave of genres including soul, funk, and hard rock, resulting in a fusion sound that is groovy, dreamy, and overall uplifting, while making sure to melt your mind along the way. While they like to focus on instrumental improvisation and "jamming" during their live performances, their catchy lyrics and vocal harmonies are sure to get stuck in your head as well."

            -City Nova "Music Spotlight: Strange Mechanics, Cincinnati's Funkiest Jamband"

"...then it was time for Strange Mechanics to take the stage for what was arguably the most energetic set of the entire night. During their brief 60 minute set, the funk driven band from Cincinnati laid down some of the most impressive improvisation of the whole weekend, while still being very precise in their movements on stage. Ending with a cover of Rick James' "Mary Jane" was an especially entertaining way to finish the show."

            -Appalachian Jamwich "Laniakea Transformational Arts Festival Review"