Rules & Judges

The food truck competition will consist of 4 qualifying rounds and 1 final championship round. Each round will be held on various Saturdays from early June to early August. The judging will be held by the VIP-Judges, local food critics & bloggers and celebrity chef Walter Martino. Winners will be selected for each of the 4 qualifying rounds and will meet up for the final championship round in order to crown the 2020 winner

Each judge will be given a score card to guide them in tasting and judging each food truck. Their scores will be submitted at the end of each battle round and the two trucks finishing with the greatest point totals from each round will advance to the championship round on August 1st.

There are 3 tiers of judges which will receive varying score multipliers:

Chef Walter Martino - x10
Food Bloggers/Critics - x5
VIP Judges - x1

The same scoring system will apply to the championship round where the top 3 finishers will be recognized and the overall winner crowned.


Chef Walter Martino
Cincy Eatz
Cincinnati Foodie
Cincinnati Food Chronicles
Fatty in the Natti - Cincinnati Food Lover
Cinci Grub
Up to 100x VIP Judges